Yes we can

Tonight we lean forth in hope,
hope which was we had forgotten the scent of
in so many long years of fear, uncertainty, and doubt,
praying that this speech will manifest more than words,
astonished at the idea that we have elected before us
a man who embodies the best in our ambitions and dreams,
instead of our worst fears, and in this evening, lay a
final blow to the artificial culture of fear which
has ruled our nation for a long and arduous decade
of declination, of disintegration, of self-destruction
at the hands of our avarice and our yearning for security.

Barack, we believe in you, our hopefulness tempered with
worry that this is all a dream, that by the cold winds of
January, nothing will have changed, but we will hold our hope.

Will you unplug the wiretaps listening to our conversations?
Will you exchange these bombs for food and sow good will in the
fertile soil of the third world, which now has been planted with mines
which can only grow hatred?

Can you change the nation, remind us that kindness and
fair wages have a place even in this nation of rugged individuals?

We pray tonight, that this dream will not end, and tomorrow
will the sun shine brighter than it has since war broke out
across the world?

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